My 8 best spots in Dublin City for wedding portraits

Finding the best spots in Dublin city for wedding portraits in super easy. Dublin is a dream for wedding portraits. The size of the inner city makes Dublin perfect for taking couples on a fun walkabout and snapping along the way. The colours, lights and people add to the buzz of the photos yet there are also quiet spots to get some secluded photos such as The Iveagh Gardens or Stephen’s Green.

Stephen’s Green wedding photography

Stephen’s Green is one of my favourite spots for both engagement photographs and wedding photographs in Dublin. It’s a stunning garden in all four seasons and I feel autumn sunsets may be the best but that’s just me! It’s Victorian garden features, serene lake, and winding paths offer a romantic setting for capturing intimate moments between the newlyweds. The iconic bandstand, surrounded by vibrant flora, creates a picturesque backdrop for wedding portraits. Bear in mind though, it’s a busy park so you will have dismiss the passers by as you get your snaps.

best spots for wedding portraits in Dublin City
best spots in Dublin city for wedding portraits, Stephen's Green shopping centre
Dublin city weddings, bridal portraits in Stephen's Green

Dublin Castle: Regal Splendor

Dublin Castle stands as an emblem of regal splendour. This is a great choice for those getting married at City Hall. It’s one of my spots. Some times can be slightly more busy than other but the sheer size of the grounds will afford you some wedding portraits. The juxtaposition of the old stone walls and lush greenery offers a timeless backdrop for elegant and majestic photographs. Very regal!

Bride walking alone on the grounds of Dublin Castle, Dublin City Wedding
Couple kissing in the grounds of Dublin Castle, Wedding portrait at Dublin Castle, Dublin city wedding portraits

Dame lane and around: Vibrancy and Character

Wedding photographs around Dublin cannot be complete without hitting Dame lane and the neighbouring streets. Known for its lively atmosphere and colourful streets, presents an eclectic mix of pubs, street art, and unique architectural elements. Its vibrant ambiance and cobblestone lanes offer a dynamic backdrop for capturing the couple amidst the city’s spirited energy. I love the mix of old stone buildings with the grunginess of the area. It’s never short of street art as cool backdrops or a local pub for a pint!

Couple kissing in Dame lane against the graffiti wall, wedding photographs in Dublin

Parliament Street

If your having a Dublin wedding either at City Hall or one of the neighbouring venues, then Parliament Street is a popular and fun choice for a portrait. It takes some timing but there is small gap in the traffic that allows both photographer and couples to run into the road and grab a quick shot, having the stunning City Hall as the backdrop.

City Hall Couples portrait, Dublin City Portrait session
Wedding portrait on Parliament Street, Dublin Wedding

Local Pubs: Cozy and Authentic

Dublin’s charming pubs, such as The Long Hall or The Stag’s Head, offer cozy and authentic settings for wedding portraits in Dublin. The rich wooden interiors, dimly lit ambiance, and rustic charm create an intimate atmosphere, perfect for capturing candid moments and the warmth of the couple’s connection. I always suggest a pit stop in a selection of iconic pubs mis session to grab that iconic Guinness shot and relax! Getting wedding portraits in Dublin is super fun but requires some fuel along the way.

Wedding at The Clarence hotel. Couple sitting drinking Guinness in the bar

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St. Anne’s Lane: Urban Charm

Oh those umbrellas! The shot never gets old and there is so much fun to be had with the elements around. St. Anne’s Lane is an urban canvas adorned with vibrant graffiti and street art. Its narrow confines provide an edgy and unique setting for wedding photographs in Dublin. The colourful murals and urban backdrop offer an opportunity for creative and unconventional shots that reflect the couple’s personality. A bonus; Keoghs Pub just at the end of the laneway makes for a great backdrop for wedding portraits in Dublin and serves a super pint!

Couple dancing in St Annes lane, Dublin wedding

George’s Street Arcade: Victorian Elegance

George’s Street Arcade, with its Victorian-style architecture and quaint shops, exudes old-world charm. The glass-roofed market and vintage ambiance create a romantic setting for capturing moments of whimsy and nostalgia. The back of the Arcade makes for a fab backdrop.

My best spots in Dublin City for wedding photos are just a guideline. I love it when couples tell me about certain places in the city that mean something to them. It makes for a much for interesting shoot and I get to see these part of the city in an interesting light.

Couple standing outside Georges Street Arcade, best spots in DublinCity for wedding portraits

Urban Spaces and old buildings

I try to make use of all the interesting urban spaces the city has to offer. With every wedding comes a different opportunity to play around and I get a feel for what will suit a certain couple. Cool artwork sculptures and old architecture always make for stunning backdrop. It really comes down the type of wedding and the type of couple!

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Couple walking in an urban area of Dublin City
Couple standing outside Georgian doors un Dublin City.
Couple walking in Dublin City, Dublin City portrait

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