Engagement shoot at Glendalough

When I met Anne and Sven last year, for me, there was an instant connection. What a cool pair of human beings. Their love for their dog, Cara, was an instant hit with me as I love dogs. We discussed various options for their engagement shoot and finally decided that the place that Sven proposed was most suitable. So, an engagement shoot at Glendalough it was.

The Shoot:

Move onto an extremely cold morning in February, I had arranged to meet Anne, Sven and Cara at a base in Glendalough next to the lake. The snow was falling down fairly heaving and I was pretty worried that we might not be able to go through with it. Luckily the snowfall cleared and the beautiful light of winter began to show itself.

The walk led up the hill and into a small lake area. To be honest, we really didn’t go too far, it was too cold for that. Everywhere is beautiful at Glendalough so travelling all over the place was not really necessary. My very kind boyfriend, John, had agreed to help me if we needed to hold Cara’s lead at any point. The walk was filled with chats about hen’s, stags, festivals and music. Cara kept us all entertained and the whole vibe was relaxed and jovial.

Sven, a photographer too, was not too keen on being in front of the camera (something I can relate to myself) but I have to say it really didn’t show and as usual a mans love for his lady always shines through during these shoots. Not only because it simply does but because he is making a serious effort to do something that would naturally by quite uncomfortable for him.

Anne, Sven and Cara all three of you made my work so easy and I am delighted with the results. I really can’t wait for Conabreany.

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