The Beaufield Mews, Rebecca and David

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For our Engagement Shoot session I chose The Iveagh Gardens in Dublin City Center. I love it! It is small, easy to get around, quiet in the mornings and the vegetation is ever changing which makes for unique portraits every single time.

The Engagement Shoot is a crucial part of my Wedding Photography Package, as it is the time where we can all break the ice, get to know each other and have a laugh. Most importantly though, this is the time when my clients have the opportunity at a ‘practice run’ ahead of the big day.

Rebecca and David’s love for each other just shone through every single shot and I was delighted with the results.

Their wedding took place in the lovely Beaufield Mews. Being the oldest restaurant in Dublin it boasts beautiful old walls and wooden features, a stunning Garden and don’t even get me started on their Vintage Tea Cocktail Room! The staff bent over backwards for everyone involved, including myself. There is certainly great care and attention put into this lovely little Gem.

An intimate civil ceremony united Rebecca from Berlin and David from Dublin and the unanimous love for this couple reverberated around the room.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this special day. Thank you so much Rebecca and David, I hope you find great happiness when going back on your photographs for years to come.

Dena x

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To Times Past and New Beginnings

When I found out my friend was going to have a baby, I was truthfully shocked.

Emm, sorry Pet??

You are having a baby??

We surely cannot be old enough to start having babies can we? Well, yes Dena, we are certainly old enough, wise enough, and totally capable of having babies.

This whole thought process happened within seconds of my friend telling me over the phone that this was all happening so I had to pull myself out of my inner monologue, realize that in fact, I was 31 and not 21 and sincerely congratulate him.

This little baby was to be the first of the next generation of our extremely close group of friends. Of course, people have babies all the time, family members have babies and we just go with it but when our close friend’s have a baby its different. Where has the time gone? When did we all grow up? It really feels like yesterday we were all ringing in sick because we were still at WAX on Fitzwilliam Street wishing the night would never end. And now, 10 years on we have all moulded into successful ambitious people who are on the journey to the next big stage in our lives, Parenthood.

Now, I must admit, photographing babies for over two years now has certainly brought out a little broodiness in me but not quite enough to actually want to have a baby.

Upon hearing the good news, I naturally jumped at the chance to shoot this new little person that was going to be my friends child and offered it as a gift as soon as I could. It would be an honor of course. What I wasn’t prepared for was the stirring of emotions that I felt when I saw all three of them together.

I was in awe with the pure, unconditional love that I saw before me. This is what they are all going on about!

Seeing my friend, his partner and their little baby was like meeting them for the first time. They were so natural and relaxed. Nothing in the world mattered to them except the little girl that they were cradling in their arms. I was incredibly proud and happy for how far my friend has come in his life and excited for him in this exciting new chapter that has just begun for them.

I left the shoot and for the first time I really felt that I could and wanted to be a parent. Not now, no there are a few bits to do first, but soon.

Who knew?!?! xNewborn photography, newborn photographer dublin, family photography, family photographer dublin

The Beaufield Mews

How cute is this Tea Room?!?! The Beaufield Mews is such a wonderful find with regards to beautiful spots to shoot a wedding portrait session. Aside from the gardens the interior, both downstairs and upstairs boast stunning old architecture accompanied with quirky interior design. Really looking forward to shooting Rebecca’s Wedding there in April.

Happy Mothers Day

“There is no greater heaven the heart of a loving mother”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Your cups of tea and soft and words never cease their absolute power of making me feel great again..

To have you proud of me if what I strive for..

My happiness means the world to you..and now yours means the world to me!

Although 80% of the time, I do not listen, you are ALWAYS right..

You are The best Human in this world to me and I have had the most wonderful life being your child..

I Love you MUM xx

Food to Avoid!

I was so excited to shoot with Rebecca and her new baby boy! We had planned everything so perfectly timing wise. Jude was just a couple of days old when I came over to Rebecca’s house for the shoot so, in theory, this was going to be too easy. Newborn, sleepy baby, happy days! So we were both really confused when Jude just wouldn’t settle! We just put it down to him having a bad day and arrange to do a re-shoot which went unbelievably well. It turned out that Rebecca was drinking orange juice every morning and Jude really didn’t like orange juice! haha. The other day I was doing an online Newborn Course with Ana Brandt and through all the useful tips she gave, she mentioned that there are some foods that really do not go down well with baby! Amazing! What a revelation, not only for me but for New Mums who just can’t understand why baby is crying.

Have a little read of her article, I would suggest when you are planning a baby shoot try to stick to the list two days before. Just generally though, this might be a bible for you!

Foods To Avoid

Newborn Photography

Top Tips for Newborn Shoot

Thanks so much Michelle for allowing to showcase these beautiful images of baby James, he took a little while to settle but once he finally did, we got some beautiful shots. This gave me an idea of writing up a little blog of useful things for mums to know when arranging to have a photo shoot of your precious baby.. and with me as your photographer.

1). This will take a while!! Really, at least two hours.. Even the youngest babies I have shot have taken at least 40 minutes to relax and if we think about it, about why wouldn’t they take so long?!?! Wouldn’t you take a while to calm down if you are exposed to such bizarre surroundings? I have this theory that babies sense a stranger and they have to take time to settle around the stranger before they relax. So, rule no 1 set aside at least three hours for your shoot and be prepared for feeding and calming time.. Having said that I do feel that Newborn shoots are most certainly better shot when baby is no older than 12 days.

2) I come to your house, which is great cause you do not have to pack up the small holiday load that comes with taking baby anywhere in a car. Plus, its the environment that your baby is most used to. So keep things as they usually are on a normal day living in your house, that is, if you usually have the radio or tv on, keep it on. Silence is not always golden in this respect.

3) I bring with me a big baby bean bag for baby to be on during shoots, stand and backdrops so arrange a room with the most space and have that space close to a window. This room does not have to be tidy and prestine, just a long as I have that space and light, we are onto a winner. Natural light on the baby is lovely and soft.

4) Have the master bedroom or a spare bedroom with the most light clean, neat and tidy. Clear away the deodorant bottles, the hair dryers and basically have it looking its best.. most importantly clear of clutter. Clutter can be very distracting in a photograph and we all want the focus to be on the subjects at hand. These rooms are the I will shoot family shoots with the baby and more of your baby along. They show for some nice and natural family time.

5) Pre-shoot discussions, I believe, are very important to achieving what we both want-a great photoshoot. I definitely will explore my creative ideas with you and will hope that you go with them as I love to give you something I have not done before with anyone. It is just as important for me to know exactly what you want from the shoot and then we can discuss the best way to execute this. This also gives us a chance to get to know each other and when the shoot comes have a great time working together.

Key things to note:

Keep your house (or rooms that we shoot in ) SUPER WARM!!! Baby will be undressed and the warmer they are the better.. Cozey time is best!

We may not get all the shots you want.. Sadly, well happily actually, your baby is a living breathing growing human being who already has likes and dislikes so we have to understand that sometimes your baby just might not be in the mood for all this fuss or might just be having a bad day. I do try an organise a re-shoot at a very low cost to accomadate this situation.

As much planning as we have and planning is great! Things might veer off plan depending on a bunddle of factors and that’s ok, we might get great shots that were never expected.



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Newborn Photography

Hey Jude…

Rebecca Keens is a woman who knows what she wants! From the minute we started speaking after she had chosen me to shoot a Maternity and Newborn Photography Session with her, we both clicked instantly with loads of ideas and different styles, to come up with a variation of shots that she and I were both happy with. So beautiful, it wasn’t hard to get great shots of her. When little Jude came, even though only a few days old old our big plans didn’t quite work out the first time but Rebecca was determined and we agreed to go for another shoot. I’m so happy we did! I love the work we both created together and I say that because it true, Rebecca was up for any idea I threw at her and I was willing to help her create the shots she wanted. Rebecca, Brian and Jude, it was such a pleasure!

Dena Shearer Photography

Dena Shearer Photography


Dena Shearer Photography


Dena Shearer Photography

Aoife and Glen and Morgan

At the beginning of the year, Aoife and Glen purchased my Mums’ to be Portrait Package which includes a maternity shoot and then a visit back to the family once the baby was born. After Aoife’s Maternity shoot in Mount Usher Gardens (which was absolutely fabulous by the way!) it was only fitting that we make the most of the natural surroundings in the ever so pretty town of Trim followed by some natural shots at their home. The stunning Autumn sunshine came out for us just when we needed it.

Aoife, Glen and Morgan are truly a handsome family but its the love in these photographs that really shines through. So glad to have been a part of this journey with you guys and give you special little memories to cherish forever.

Thank you Aoife and Glen for believing in me and supporting me. Great friends and Angels. xxx

Dena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer Photography

Yvonne and Efka

The Wedding of Yvonne and Evaldas “Efka” Cekanauskas


Yvonne and Efka crystalised their beautiful relationship on 25th June 2016 with their stunning wedding at the Church of the Nativity in Kilmessan followed by a reception in the elegant and luxurious surroundings of the Station House Hotel.


Having spent the previous six, wonderful years together, purchasing their house and creating a happy loving home with their beautiful daughter Keelin, tying the knot was the natural next chapter for Yvonne and Efka.


Making sure to follow proper protocol in these matters, Efka first ensured he had Keelin’s blessing by asking her for her Mother’s hand in marriage! Upon securing this important endorsement, Efka and Keelin set about planning the proposal. True to the spirit of fun (and practical joking!) that pervades their family, Yvonne was surprised on her birthday with her stunning engagement ring hidden away in a Pennies bag!


The picturesque, little Church of the Nativity hosted the charming ceremony, attended by the couple’s wide group of family and friends, including Efka’s family who arrived from his home country of Lithuania bringing with them an abundance of laughter, energy and joy. Onward to the reception at the Station House Hotel, the day was a kaleidoscope of beauty and cheer, love and laughter, not to mention more than a few tears (my own included!) throughout the incredibly poignant speeches.


To have been invited to capture this incredible wedding was truly an honor and I am thrilled that I was part of such a special day for Yvonne and Efka. To say my task was made all the easier by working with such a beautiful couple would be to understate it.


Yvonne and Efka, you are a gorgeous couple and I wish Keelin and you both every happiness throughout your lives together.


“A month on today from our wedding, and we are so grateful that we have such amazing photographs to remind us of what a great day it was. We are delighted to have found such a great photographer, who was so easy to work with, and was so accomodating with regard to our requests. Dena’s cool, calm and collected personality allowed us to feel confident that she knew exactly what she was doing and wow did she deliver! From our first meeting to our last, Dena was such a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering booking a photographer for their wedding! Thank you Dena!!” Yvonne Davis Cekanauskas


Hair: Jolene McCarthy @jolenehairroom

Make-up: Michelle Regazolli

Flowers: Justines (Blanch Village)

Music: Vetra,

Laura Bolger

Coverse Allstars


Venue: Station House Hotel

Dena Shearer Photography

Dena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer PhotographyDena Shearer Photography

Flower Power 70’s inspired Pregnancy Shoot

If you haven’t been to Mount Usher Gardens in Wiclow..Go!I came across it researching for places to go for Aoife and Glens shoot and I am so glad I did, what a hidden Gem. Aside from its astounding beauty its so peaceful and you feel as is you have really escaped the rat race of everyday life. I knew that it would work so well for the theme that we wanted and although we had to postpone the first time due to bad weather, it was worth the wait because the day we had was incredible. Having know Aoife and Glen for quite some time now and watched their lovely relationship grow I was so happy to photograph them before they start this wonderful new chapter in their lives. Aoife you look so beautiful and you the love between you two really shows. Thank you for such a great day and letting me share such beautiful photos that I hope will be cherish for a long time.

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