To Times Past and New Beginnings

March 29, 2017

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When I found out my friend was going to have a baby, I was truthfully shocked.

Emm, sorry Pet??

You are having a baby??

We surely cannot be old enough to start having babies can we? Well, yes Dena, we are certainly old enough, wise enough, and totally capable of having babies.

This whole thought process happened within seconds of my friend telling me over the phone that this was all happening so I had to pull myself out of my inner monologue, realize that in fact, I was 31 and not 21 and sincerely congratulate him.

This little baby was to be the first of the next generation of our extremely close group of friends. Of course, people have babies all the time, family members have babies and we just go with it but when our close friend’s have a baby its different. Where has the time gone? When did we all grow up? It really feels like yesterday we were all ringing in sick because we were still at WAX on Fitzwilliam Street wishing the night would never end. And now, 10 years on we have all moulded into successful ambitious people who are on the journey to the next big stage in our lives, Parenthood.

Now, I must admit, photographing babies for over two years now has certainly brought out a little broodiness in me but not quite enough to actually want to have a baby.

Upon hearing the good news, I naturally jumped at the chance to shoot this new little person that was going to be my friends child and offered it as a gift as soon as I could. It would be an honor of course. What I wasn’t prepared for was the stirring of emotions that I felt when I saw all three of them together.

I was in awe with the pure, unconditional love that I saw before me. This is what they are all going on about!

Seeing my friend, his partner and their little baby was like meeting them for the first time. They were so natural and relaxed. Nothing in the world mattered to them except the little girl that they were cradling in their arms. I was incredibly proud and happy for how far my friend has come in his life and excited for him in this exciting new chapter that has just begun for them.

I left the shoot and for the first time I really felt that I could and wanted to be a parent. Not now, no there are a few bits to do first, but soon.

Who knew?!?! xNewborn photography, newborn photographer dublin, family photography, family photographer dublin