Magical Lough Tay Engagement Shoot – Wicklow Wonderland 1 of Irelands top engagement shoot destinations!

Wicklow, often referred to as the “Garden of Ireland,” boasts numerous picturesque locations perfect for capturing love stories. Among these, Lough Tay stands out as a top choice for couples seeking a unique backdrop. Alex and Bairbre, a delightful couple, recognised this and opted for a engagement shoot here to commemorate their love.

An love shoot in the picturesque Lough Tay offers a captivating backdrop for any love story. Nestled within the heart of the Garden of Ireland, this magical lake is a hidden gem for couples seeking a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot. You nearly always have the place to yourself!

Often referred to as the “Guinness Lake” due to its dark, peat-stained waters, is a truly unique location. The contrast of the dark waters against the lush greenery of the surrounding mountains provides a stunning and dramatic landscape that will make your photos stand out.

Photography at the lake provide couples with the opportunity to create breathtaking memories in a serene, romantic setting. The lake’s crystal-clear water reflects the surrounding landscape, making for mesmerising photographs. This ethereal location is perfect for capturing the two of you alone against a massive Irish backdrop.

Having lived in Dublin and travelled to Glendalough many times, I am well-versed in utilising the lake’s natural beauty to create stunning photos. Whether you want to embrace the dramatic beauty of the mountains or simply bask in the serenity of the lake’s shoreline, your engagement shoot at will be a memorable experience you’ll cherish forever.

In conclusion, an engagement shoot at Lough Tay, offers an enchanting backdrop for capturing your love story amidst the natural beauty of the Irish countryside. The dark waters set against the lush mountains make this location a truly unique and captivating setting for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Ensure your engagement shoot is a success by choosing a photographer, like me, who knows how to harness the beauty of Lough Tay, and all the magic it has to offer.

Bairbre and Alex’s story

The decision to have their engagement photos at Lough Tay during the “golden hour” was a strategic one. This time, just before sunset, is renowned for its soft, warm light, ideal for a lake engagement shoot. However, the day turned out to be overcast. But, as with many things in life, unexpected conditions can lead to beautiful surprises. Instead of the anticipated golden hues, the sky was awash with mesmerising blues and purples, adding a moody and romantic touch to their engagement photos.

Their attire for the love shoot was thoughtfully chosen. Bairbre, in her pristine white dress, looked ethereal against the dramatic backdrop of the lake. The dress not only harmonised with the lake’s natural beauty but also accentuated her grace. Alex, complementing Bairbre’s elegance, added to the modern and chic vibe of the shoot.

For those considering a lake love shoot, especially at iconic spots like Lough Tay, a piece of advice: prioritise comfort with your footwear. The terrains, while breathtaking, can be a bit tricky to navigate. And, given the ever-changing weather, packing a snug cardigan is wise!

In conclusion, Bairbre and Alex’s pre-wedding shoot is a testament to both their profound love and the attraction of this incredible place. Each photograph captures a moment, a memory, and the undeniable magic of this special location.

Here’s a quick checklist for an engagement shoot at Lough Tay:

Wear comfy shoes
Choose a sunset shoot
Bring layers of clothes and a raincoat
Wear something out of the ordinary to go against the amazing background

Have fun!

Bairbre and Alex cerebrated their wedding ceremony in the stunning Ballintubert House and Gardens, why not check the pics out here!

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