Klara’s Christening

July 2, 2015

Aga and Darren invited me to document their lovely daughter, Klara’s Christening at St Patrick’s Church in Glencullen. The party was small and intimate and the church such a stunning little place right on the top of the mountains and conveniently next door to Johnnie Fox’s Pub. Im not going to lie, my imaginary child’s Christening is going to take place right here after seeing the stunning location. The light was really soft and warm in the church so I chose not use the flash to create a more romantic feel. Klara was very well behaved for the little energy ball that she is and looked so cute in her little dress. I hope you had a lovely day Aga and Darren. Really happy that you love the photos.

“The pictures are lovely Dena..they really capture the day and add a bit of romance to what was a pretty low key occasion…Thanks so much. Darren.” Darren King

If you are interested in have me shoot your child’s Christening please contact me via email or my mobile and we can discuss a price that best suits your needs.

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