Timeline and expectations

Photography tips for brides: Timeline and expectations

During my first meeting with my clients I go through the contract and timeline. I feel it’s important to give my clients a general idea of how the day will flow and have found on numerous occasions that is a great help for them in which they can structure their plans around the timeline.

Some people want huge variety of portrait photographs to choose from and some people just want a few snaps and then go back to their guests. Either choice is absolutely fine, we are all different and we all have different priorities. What is important though, is how you structure your day to achieve the results that you want.

For example, if you are the person that would like a huge variety of portrait photographs, make sure that you have arranged the time for that. Take into account factors such as how big your receiving line will be; how long your family portraits will be; will there be travel to your shooting location? Having a fairly long cocktail hour, such as 2-3 hours is a lovely bit of time to play with. If you have arranged that you only have 1 hour of time before dinner. There probably wont be enough time to ‘go to town’ on the portraits.

Another important factor to take into account, and this applies to winter weddings more so, is light. The days are very short during winter and if you want outdoor shots (I would recommend you do as the light is absolutely beautiful in winter) remember the sun sets at 4pm. Therefore, you might want to consider starting the ceremony slightly earlier than you would with a summer wedding.

While we are on the subject of light, during a summer wedding, do not freak out if there are clouds in the sky! In fact, do a little dance cause this is great for photos. The light is softer on the skin and generally brings a better mood to the picture. However, if you do get clear blue skies and full sunlight, that’s ok too, I will just take you to a nice shady spot on the grounds.

I feel it is important that things are done as smoothly and efficiently from my side so that you can have enough time for the type of shoot you want as well as have some time during cocktail hour to enjoy yourself with your party.

I hope this was helpful ladies and gents. There will be more to come on aspects of timeline next week. Feel free to go back on recent posts on my website under Useful Tips For Your Wedding Day.

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