Suppliers and Referrals

Photography tips for brides: Suppliers and referrals

Well, you’ve set a date and most likely decided on a venue, perfect! Now the fun begins with searching for all those amazing people who are going to bring this big day together.

Of course, you can go on wedding forums and search for suppliers, or even speak to your friends who have had their wedding day. Why not go one step further than that – get referrals from people who are in the wedding business!

Do not be afraid to ask your hair stylist if he/she knows a good photographer or ask your photographer if they know of any good videographers or musicians. We all work very closely together on the day and chances are if you like your photographer as a person then you will also like the people they recommend.

Referrals from friends, great!
Referrals from your professionals who you like as people, even better!


Bride and groom walking into the reception room at The Castleknock Hotel

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