Light, beautiful, natural light

Photography Tips for brides: Light, beautiful natural light

For a photographer, light is our best friend. The way it dances through the windows in the morning, falling softly on its subjects – flattering, twinkling, magical light. With light must come shadows and with shadows comes drama and mood. The marriage of light and shadow work together to paint images that you will just sink into and want to gaze at forever.

The beautiful morning sun shining through the windows can make a world of difference to your pictures. The room you choose for make-up should have a lovely bit of natural light flowing through it, not only for me as a photographer, but for your make-up artist too.

Honestly, the choice of room does not matter. For example, if the morning light that shines through the kitchen is the prettiest in the house, then it will most certainly make for the best photographs.
Think about where you will be seated too. Try and leave enough room between you and the window so I can shoot around you and also for your make-up artist to work around you.

This gives me the ability to create a more dynamic range to the photographs, catching the light and shadows as they move over time.

I hope this was helpful ladies and gents.  Feel free to go back on recent posts on my website under Useful Tips For Your Wedding Day.

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