Engagement shoots

Photography tips for brides: Love (Engagement shoots) DO them!

If your photographer includes a engagement shoot in their package, which I do, I highly recommend you use it and take full advantage of it.

Erase all misconceptions of cheese now! Then, open your mind to the wonderful art of photography, with you and your partner in the picture.

How many of us have had a professional photo shoot done? Unless you are a model or an actor, the chances are your wedding day will be the first time a professional photographer works with you.

This concept can be quite daunting and I’m sure all sorts of feelings of anxiety and insecurity may weigh on your mind. Do you really want to risk the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on your wedding day? NO! Do all that funny stuff on your engagement shoot. Loosen up, have a laugh, let the photographer be your guide!

Fear not my future Mr and Mrs Confetti models, once you get to your engagement shoot and start working with your photographer, it is not nearly as scary as it seems and more often than not, a really enjoyable experience.

Pro’s of a engagement shoot:

  • Another chance to spend time with your fun and fabulous photographer. A perfect opportunity for us all to get to know each other a little more and on a much more personal level. Have coffee and cake or a glass of wine after and discuss how it felt, or don’t and just have a buzz.
  • Firsthand experience on how your photographer will work with you on the big day. Get to see them doing what they love best and experience how they will direct you during the day.
  • A chance for you to feel comfortable in front of your photographer (whilst being fairly intimate with your better half). Sometimes this takes a little while but after some time you will feel totally at ease. The wedding day shoot will be a total breeze.
  • A fabulous set of photos in a different location to your wedding that you can cherish forever.

Con’s of an engagement shoot:

–   NONE

I hope this was helpful ladies and gents. Feel free to go back on recent posts on my website under How to get that youthful glow for your big day!

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