Consider a First Look

Wedding photography tips for brides: Consider a First Look

A First Look is a fairly new concept that has over the years become quite popular with brides in Ireland.

For those who have no idea what I am going on about here is the explanation:

First Look: When the bride and groom pick a time (Before the ceremony and just after they have both put on their attire) to meet each other for the first time. There is no audience except the photographer(s). They then use this location or go to a location of choice to do their wedding photographs in a much more timely and stress free manner. Afterwards they head off to get married.

When I first heard about this concept, from a personal perspective, I didn’t quite take to it. Me being the hopeless romantic that I am I felt it took away from that magical first moment when your husband sees you walking down the isle. As I grew quite accustomed to it, via my photography, I started to see both the practical and romantic benefits for a First Look.

This suits couples:

Who haven’t much time between their ceremony and dinner reception and would rather spend that valuable cocktail hour with friends and family.

Who are very into their portrait shoots and would like the photographer to have more time with them

Who would rather meet each other alone for the first time as opposed to in front of everyone at the ceremony.

As a photographer it really alleviates the stress factor of whether I will get the adequate time to shoot my couples as well as take a step back and document the day as it happens ahead, rather than interrupting the couples to leave their friends and family.

We are all different though and I am sure there will be those of you who feel that the first time should be at the isle and that is perfectly fine. I will just leave you with a blog written by photographer Cassi Claire who has personal experience at a First Look as well as a blog written by Inspired by This..

I hope this was helpful ladies and gents. Feel free to go back on recent posts on my website under Useful Tips For Your Wedding Day.

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