The importance of a wedding album

A wedding album.

These days it is wonderful that we get to have so many images to keep on hard drives and various forms of electrical storage. That is great, but how often will you open up your computer and go through your images? After investing in a wedding photographer to shoot every aspect of your wedding day, your beautiful images are now just kept in a file on your computer that you may hardly look at. Will you ever get around to printing them??

Wedding albums are important, probably the best investment of your wedding day that you will make. Imagine opening this beautiful box, in it lies an expertly crafted book with your names etched
on the front. You open each crisp page to view your beautiful images and relive the day all over again. Sitting together, touching each page, going slowly over each of your favourite photographs. Each year, as you get older and when the children start to grow, you show them what a magical day that was. They grow up and remember your beautiful book, they have children and you show it to your grandchildren. In one word: Timeless!

You have two choices when you choose to get a wedding album with me. You can decide on your own photographs, or I can put together a collection of photographs that I feel best to tell the story. It is important for us to work together on this though as some images might resonate more with you than I realise.

Once this is finalised, you can choose from a selection of different covers and print styles. I will always guide you this as the decisions can be daunting. The album is then sent off to print. Within six weeks the album will return to me. I will then check the wedding album thoroughly before sending it over to you.

Finally, this cannot be reiterated enough! Your wedding album is a book that is made to last for generations. If you take good care of it, the photographs with never fade and all the pages will stay intact. It is valuable not only in the way that it is made but because it contains a history of your family that can be passed on through generations.

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