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The importance of a wedding album

Nowadays, we can capture so many photos that stay on our computers and other digital storage devices, but how often do you open your computer to look at them? After you’ve hired a wedding photographer to document your special day, the beautiful images become nothing more than files on your computer that you may not bother revisiting. Will you ever get around to printing them?

Investing in a wedding album is probably the best decision you can make when it comes to preserving those memories. Opening the box and seeing your names etched on the front cover of that expertly crafted book – just imagine it! As you turn each page and revisit all the moments from your wedding day, it will bring back all those feelings. You can share these memories with future generations as well; your children, grandchildren, etc.

When selecting an album with me, I’ll collaborate closely with you regarding which pictures should be included in order to tell the story most effectively. Of course, I’ll also guide you through selecting different cover and print styles before sending off for production. It typically takes about six weeks for the album to come back from print and when it does, I’ll go over it thoroughly before sending it over to you.

Dreambooks pro

Exceptional Quality

The album company I work with is Dream Books Pro. They are highly esteemed in the wedding photography industry and have an exceptional reputation. I offer a selection of four different types of albums to choose from and with my Album Packages you will received the stunning Evolution Album and box cover to match.

Remember – this a wedding album that’s meant to last for generations! Taking good care of your album will ensure the pictures never fade and all its pages remain intact; it’s value lies in not only it’s construction but because of what it contains – a history of your family that can be passed down throughout future generations.

How does the whole process work?

From start to finish the construction of your album can take some time. In fact it’s not uncommon for the whole process to take 6-12 months. I never expect my couples to come back to me immediately with a selection to add to their wedding album. It’s totally understandable for you to want to let all the images ‘soak in’. There all many! It’s important that you have looked at them all properly before narrowing them down.

The Evolution and Celebrate album package comes with 60 pages (30 spreads) and I suggest not going over 90 images for that size. If you want go over the 90 image limit, I suggest adding extra spread to your album. Each extra spread is €20. Think about grouping the book into sections from the wedding from start to finish. For example; Bridal and Groom prep, ceremony, portraits, cocktail hours, speeches and dancing.

  • Bridal and Groom preparation: Here you can choose 6-8 images for the spread but for the portraits of you two alone, single the images out to 2-4 per spread. You are the highlight of the day, give yourselves the space on the page to shine! 
  • Ceremony: Here you can do the same of 6-8 images per spread and then selection one or two of your favourites to take up a spread. 
  • Portraits: This is where you want the images to really stand out and I would suggest no more than two per spread. If there is a particular image that is just WOW for you, take a whole spread up. It’s impactful! Family portraits could be 4 images per spread.
  • Cocktail hour and speeches: You can group these again into 6-8 per spread
  • First dance: Finish the book off with a few large first dance images, one spread of fun dancing shots (8-10 images) and possibly, on the final spread one more portrait of the two of you.

Let me choose the photos for you

Life is busy! Believe me I know! Once the wedding is over it becomes very difficult to dedicate a couple of spare hours a weekend to choose your photos for your album.

Upon delivery of photos, I always offer to do up a mock selection of my favourites into an online album design proof that they can just swap out and add in images if they wish. It’s easier for me to do! I use a software called Smart Albums which makes the whole process extremely easily to bounce the proof design back and forth until final approval.

smart album proofing gallery

There are usually a few adjustments in regard to layout and then we are off to choosing covers and paper types. With my Evolution Album Packages, I have chosen a stunning silk lustre paper that I feel looks fabulous but there are a few other options in my upgrade PDF for you to choose from too! Feel free to download your upgrade Album PDF here. We then look at different colour options for the album and for the box. Finally we choose a UV Varnish or a UV printing option for the personalisation of the album

Parent Albums

These are smaller replica version of your wedding album that you can gift to your parents. It’s a lovely token of appreciation and something that they will adore!

It’s important to note that of your order your parent album at the same time as your wedding album, the album company offers a 30% discount rate on the parent albums. If you wait till later on, you will have to pay the full price.

parent copy albums on a shelf

How long does it take to get my wedding album?

Once you have chosen your images and we have finalised your layout, cover and paper options, I will send this off to Dreambooks Pro. From there it should take 6-8 weeks for production. (This may take long over the Christmas period!) I hope you found this helpful. I’m there every step of the way with you.

Ready to order your album?

Ready to preserve your cherished moments in a bespoke album? Get in touch today, and let’s discuss all the details to bring your vision to life.