Howth Head Engagement Photos: Capturing Love Amidst Natural Beauty

Story of Timothy and Margaret

Howth Head engagement photos, Ireland, are a stunning way to capture your love story or secret proposal against the backdrop of stunning coastal landscapes in Dublin. Howth Head, situated on the east coast of Ireland just north of Dublin, offers an ideal setting for your engagement shoot. Here’s what you can look forward to when planning your engagement photos in this picturesque location:

1. Breath-taking Scenery: Howth Head is celebrated for its breath-taking coastal views. Anywhere you venture to walk around Howth Head brings its own stunning view. The rugged cliffs, verdant hills, and the vast Irish Sea provide an exquisite backdrop for your engagement photos, really, there is not bad spot to shoot!

2. Historic Lighthouse: The Howth Head Peninsula is home to the iconic Baily Lighthouse, infusing historical charm into your photos. Set against the sea’s canvas, this lighthouse is a beloved spot for engagement photography, adding character and romance to your images. Most of my couples aim to choose this spot for their Howth Head engagement secret proposal backdrop.

I like to  recommend it too as it’s an easy walk from the Howth Summit down towards the viewpoint. You literally follow the path down the hill. Don’t worry though, I will give you guided instructions before you arrive.

3. Coastal Walks: Howth offers an array of walking trails along the cliffs and coastline. These paths not only offer stunning photo settings but also create opportunities for candid moments as you and your partner stroll together, hand in hand. After the proposal has taken place, I usually take my couples on a 30 minute walk along the cliff walks. The walk around Howth head extends to about three hours and I’m pretty sure you won’t want me around for that long!

4. Rocky Beaches: Certain areas of Howth feature rocky shores and secluded coves, providing intimate and private locations for your Howth Head engagement photos. The contrast between the rugged terrain and your love story creates captivating and compelling images. This option is for a more adventurous couple who are probably opting for a generally engagement or love shoot rather than a secret proposal.

We start our tour at the bottom of the hill in Sutton and I take you up along the coast to two or three small stunning beaches. The walk is about 45 minutes each way and the shooting in between, so give yourselves about three hours. Worth it though!

5. Sunset and Sunrise: Plan your proposal during a beautiful time of day, like sunrise or sunset, to capture the perfect lighting and ambiance. For a Howth Head engagement shoot, generally my rule of thumb is 1.5 hours before sunset for a secret proposal because that will still give us time to take loads of after engagement photos during the golden hour.

Summertime in Dublin is great for late evening shoots as the sun sets around 9.30/10pm. Which means you have the whole day to enjoy yourself. Early rising though can be a tricky one, especially if your partner has no idea what’s going on! If you’re coming to Ireland in the winter, an early rise might be more plausible as the sun rises around 7.30am (the hour after this is quite lovely!

Having said all of this, sometimes those hours just don’t suit the already jam packed schedule and that ok too! We will make it work.

6. Wildlife Encounters: Howth is renowned for its diverse birdlife and marine inhabitants. Depending on the season, you might be treated to sightings of seabirds, seals, or playful dolphins. Keep an eye out! This is an extra special addition to the Howth Head engagement experience!

7. Local Flora: Throughout the peninsula, you’ll find a variety of flora, including vibrant wildflowers. The summertime boast the most beautiful orange and yellow wild flowers on the Howth Summit and really enhances those pictures, especially during the golden hour times.

8. Burrow Beach: I always try include the bit of sunset or the last part of our shoot on Burrow beach. It is especially magical during the sunset because this is literally the spot where the sun sets! Whereas on Howth Head, the sun sets behind the hill, so you don’t actually see it. It’s a fun and relaxed way to end the shoot before heading off into Howth Village.

9. Cafés and Restaurants: Following your engagement photoshoot, explore the charming village of Howth, which boasts seafood restaurants, cozy cafes, and charming shops. It’s an ideal way to celebrate your love and unwind together. I always try to recommend that my couples don’t leave Howth before they have eaten there. Literally everywhere is good! Especially the fish restaurants. All locally sourced fish comes from Howth Harbour and the restaurants in Howth get the freshest of the fresh! If we have time, I love to grab a iconic Guinness shot with my couples before I head off.

10. Weather Considerations: Prepare for Ireland’s unpredictable weather by dressing appropriately and having a backup plan in case of rain or strong winds. Adapting to varying conditions ensures a successful photoshoot. Always bring something warm, it can get a bit nippy up on the summit and good walking shoes are a must! You can still be fashionable, just done be wearing heels, it’s not worth it!

Timothy and Margaret’s Howth Head engagement shoot was a magical moment to witness and be a part of. I had been chatting with Timothy months before their arrival in Ireland so we had our plans down to a T!

The evening was just perfect and the sunset lovely and bright, they couldn’t have asked for better light. Timothy took Margaret down to the agreed spot in front of the lighthouse and pulled the proposal off like a pro. After Margaret collected her emotions, we then walked around the Howth Cliffs for about 30 minutes, making the most of the glowing light.

Once the light had left Howth Head, which is something to remember about a Howth Head engagement shoot, the sun does go, but it’s not actually gone, you can chase the sunset down at Burrow Beach. Which is where we went for the final trickles of sunlight on the water.

We then ended our magical shoot with a Guinness shot inside the iconic Bloody Stream pub in Howth. For those of you travelling of the States and worldwide, this whole photography itinerary is fabulous way to capture Howth at it’s essence.

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