Food to Avoid!

I was so excited to shoot with Rebecca and her new baby boy! We had planned everything so perfectly timing wise. Jude was just a couple of days old when I came over to Rebecca’s house for the shoot so, in theory, this was going to be too easy. Newborn, sleepy baby, happy days! So we were both really confused when Jude just wouldn’t settle! We just put it down to him having a bad day and arrange to do a re-shoot which went unbelievably well. It turned out that Rebecca was drinking orange juice every morning and Jude really didn’t like orange juice! haha. The other day I was doing an online Newborn Course with Ana Brandt and through all the useful tips she gave, she mentioned that there are some foods that really do not go down well with baby! Amazing! What a revelation, not only for me but for New Mums who just can’t understand why baby is crying.

Have a little read of her article, I would suggest when you are planning a baby shoot try to stick to the list two days before. Just generally though, this might be a bible for you!

Foods To Avoid

mother embracing her baby