About Me

Dena Shearer - Wedding Photographer Dublin

Hi there! I’m Dena. A South African-Irish soul who loves LOVE and loves to capture it! Let’s dive into my journey, my passion for life and the art of natural documentary wedding photography.

Dena Shearer

A South African heart with an Irish soul

From Botswana’s landscapes to Dublin’s vibrant streets, here’s a mosaic of my life’s adventures and the simple pleasures that light up my days.

I’m Dena. I’m a South African lady who has lived in Ireland for 17 years and just love it! I’m married to an Irish man, John, and have a beautiful little boy, Elliot.

  • I’m a South African who grew up in Botswana, studied at Rhodes University in South Africa and moved to Ireland when I was 22 years old.
  • I love to travel, specifically to hot countries!
  • I would spend more money in a great restaurant rather than a pair of heels! Great food and wine is an essential part of my happiness routine.
  • I love a good party, especially one where I can dance. Festivals, gigs and DJ sets are food for the soul (all this has slowed down since Elliot came along but the dancing at home hasn’t!)
  • John and I are quite the muso’s but I’m a sucker for 80’s pop!
  • I love dogs, we don’t have one but I’m working on it ;-)
  • A great coffee shop is my dream place.
  • A good walk is spiritual to me.
  • I do love a good giggle.
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My journey in photography began during my time at Rhodes University. From the bustling streets of Dublin, working for The Dubliner magazine, to capturing portraits on Daydream Island in Australia, every experience has been a lesson in connecting deeply with my subjects. It’s not just about the click of the camera, but the stories, emotions, and memories that unfold in front of it.

My Philosophy

Love is the essence of life, and capturing it is my passion

When John and I tied the knot, we prioritised love, laughter, music, and the company of those dear to us. This philosophy reflects in the weddings I photograph. It’s about cherishing genuine moments, celebrating love, and creating memories with the ones who mean the world to you.

My Style

I’m inspired by raw, candid emotions – I want to portray all the magical moments that happen on your day in a fun, relaxed manner. My approach is friendly, relaxed and unobtrusive. I’m there when you need me and blend into the crowd when you don’t! If this approach resonates with you, I can’t wait to chat with you and get to know you better.

Now that you’ve journeyed through my story, are you curious about the magic I weave with my lens? Dive deeper, explore the artistry, and discover the passion behind every photograph. There’s so much more I’d love to share with you. Ready for the next chapter?