Dil and Anne-Marie’s Surprise Wedding

Web Collage 1One way to create the wedding that only the two of you want…Surprise all of your guests, including your family! That’s exactly what Dil and Anne-Marie decided to do.


Having been engaged for a while and concerned about the stresses that an wedding can bring upon all involved, they decided to throw all the traditions out the window and surprise their nearest and dearest with the best day of their lives.


Having all come the their beautiful son Phoenixes’ Baby Naming Ceremony, the guests thought they were coming back to the house for a few nibbles and drinks to commemorate the special occasion. Unbeknownst to them, there had been much preparation going on, from chefs creating delicious canapés and main dishes, to a complete revamp of the 2nd level of the house into a ‘Little Chapel’, secret Gospel Choir running up the stairs to commence the special occasion.


Guests were entertained downstairs, with a String Quartet, bubbles, Canapés and some great comedic action by their good friend Steve Cummins whilst the finishing touches we being made. At this point Anne-Maries’ parents were informed if the events to follow (tear jerker moment!)


Guests were then ushered upstairs to discover the beautiful little ‘Wedding Chapel’ that had been made up for them. Bridesmaids were informed that they were Bridesmaids! Dill, Anne Marie and Pheonix came down the third level of stairs with their newly formed wedding party an emotional “Flower Duet, by Lakme” played by the String Quartet. AMAZING!


The ceremony was to the point, real and emotional, very emotional. The love that was around the room was almost tangible and the words spoken from Dil to Anne-Marie and Anne Marie to Dil were straight from the bottom of their hearts. I felt so honored to be a part of such a special day for them both as well as their loved ones and most of all I couldn’t help but think how far Irish culture has come! A year ago this day would not have been possible and now two women who have fought for the right to equality get to be married. Yes!

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ISPCC Childline Charity Chroi Yoga Event

When Christina Breen had asked me to help her document a Charity Chroi  Yoga Family Event she was running I jumped at the chance. Not only was it a great way to be a part of a good cause but I was intrigued to see what Chroi Yoga was all about. To be honest I naively thought that only adults did Yoga, which is a bit silly now that I think about it but there you go! Now we were talking about bringing babies, young children and adults all to do Yoga together.. I was very curious.

Christina’s Chroi Yoga Family Event was in aid of ISPCC Childline and held in the beautiful Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin. They had kindly let Christina use their space specifically for the event. What a hidden Gem this is!!  I actually struggled to find it going there and realised, once found it, I had  walked past this old Church (Oldest Shakespearian  Theatres in Ireland) a million times and hadn’t event thought what beauty was inside. The area that was used for the Chroi Yoga Family Event was a massive room surrounded by beautiful stained glass windows creating a superb warm light. STUNNING! So calm and relaxing, a perfect setting for a Yoga session..

As the families started to arrive a little buzz filled the room. Christina settled everyone down to a calm relaxed mood and began a wonderful journey that both parent and child enjoyed in different respects and at the same time nurtured the close bond that they have for one another. It was relaxing, fun, sensitive and full of love and I can only hope that my photographs give it justice as Christina really is one of those lucky people in the world that has found her calling.

Christina Breen Yoga Teacher & Child Educator.
A Yoga Teacher that holds many qualifications in yoga , but specializes in Yoga for Children, Families & Teens especially. Her classes are both private & public, in schools & yoga studio’s.
Christina also holds an extensive experience & qualification in education with young people here in Ireland & California. Check her website for more details.


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