The Beaufield Mews

How cute is this Tea Room?!?! The Beaufield Mews is such a wonderful find with regards to beautiful spots to shoot a wedding portrait session. Aside from the gardens the interior, both downstairs and upstairs boast stunning old architecture accompanied with quirky interior design. Really looking forward to shooting Rebecca’s Wedding there in April.

Top Tips for Newborn Shoot

Thanks so much Michelle for allowing to showcase these beautiful images of baby James, he took a little while to settle but once he finally did, we got some beautiful shots. This gave me an idea of writing up a little blog of useful things for mums to know when arranging to have a photo shoot of your precious baby.. and with me as your photographer.

1). This will take a while!! Really, at least two hours.. Even the youngest babies I have shot have taken at least 40 minutes to relax and if we think about it, about why wouldn’t they take so long?!?! Wouldn’t you take a while to calm down if you are exposed to such bizarre surroundings? I have this theory that babies sense a stranger and they have to take time to settle around the stranger before they relax. So, rule no 1 set aside at least three hours for your shoot and be prepared for feeding and calming time.. Having said that I do feel that Newborn shoots are most certainly better shot when baby is no older than 12 days.

2) I come to your house, which is great cause you do not have to pack up the small holiday load that comes with taking baby anywhere in a car. Plus, its the environment that your baby is most used to. So keep things as they usually are on a normal day living in your house, that is, if you usually have the radio or tv on, keep it on. Silence is not always golden in this respect.

3) I bring with me a big baby bean bag for baby to be on during shoots, stand and backdrops so arrange a room with the most space and have that space close to a window. This room does not have to be tidy and prestine, just a long as I have that space and light, we are onto a winner. Natural light on the baby is lovely and soft.

4) Have the master bedroom or a spare bedroom with the most light clean, neat and tidy. Clear away the deodorant bottles, the hair dryers and basically have it looking its best.. most importantly clear of clutter. Clutter can be very distracting in a photograph and we all want the focus to be on the subjects at hand. These rooms are the I will shoot family shoots with the baby and more of your baby along. They show for some nice and natural family time.

5) Pre-shoot discussions, I believe, are very important to achieving what we both want-a great photoshoot. I definitely will explore my creative ideas with you and will hope that you go with them as I love to give you something I have not done before with anyone. It is just as important for me to know exactly what you want from the shoot and then we can discuss the best way to execute this. This also gives us a chance to get to know each other and when the shoot comes have a great time working together.

Key things to note:

Keep your house (or rooms that we shoot in ) SUPER WARM!!! Baby will be undressed and the warmer they are the better.. Cozey time is best!

We may not get all the shots you want.. Sadly, well happily actually, your baby is a living breathing growing human being who already has likes and dislikes so we have to understand that sometimes your baby just might not be in the mood for all this fuss or might just be having a bad day. I do try an organise a re-shoot at a very low cost to accomadate this situation.

As much planning as we have and planning is great! Things might veer off plan depending on a bunddle of factors and that’s ok, we might get great shots that were never expected.



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Aoife and Glen and Morgan

At the beginning of the year, Aoife and Glen purchased my Mums’ to be Portrait Package which includes a maternity shoot and then a visit back to the family once the baby was born. After Aoife’s Maternity shoot in Mount Usher Gardens (which was absolutely fabulous by the way!) it was only fitting that we make the most of the natural surroundings in the ever so pretty town of Trim followed by some natural shots at their home. The stunning Autumn sunshine came out for us just when we needed it.

Aoife, Glen and Morgan are truly a handsome family but its the love in these photographs that really shines through. So glad to have been a part of this journey with you guys and give you special little memories to cherish forever.

Thank you Aoife and Glen for believing in me and supporting me. Great friends and Angels. xxx

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Dil and Anne-Marie’s Surprise Wedding

Web Collage 1One way to create the wedding that only the two of you want…Surprise all of your guests, including your family! That’s exactly what Dil and Anne-Marie decided to do.


Having been engaged for a while and concerned about the stresses that an wedding can bring upon all involved, they decided to throw all the traditions out the window and surprise their nearest and dearest with the best day of their lives.


Having all come the their beautiful son Phoenixes’ Baby Naming Ceremony, the guests thought they were coming back to the house for a few nibbles and drinks to commemorate the special occasion. Unbeknownst to them, there had been much preparation going on, from chefs creating delicious canapés and main dishes, to a complete revamp of the 2nd level of the house into a ‘Little Chapel’, secret Gospel Choir running up the stairs to commence the special occasion.


Guests were entertained downstairs, with a String Quartet, bubbles, Canapés and some great comedic action by their good friend Steve Cummins whilst the finishing touches we being made. At this point Anne-Maries’ parents were informed if the events to follow (tear jerker moment!)


Guests were then ushered upstairs to discover the beautiful little ‘Wedding Chapel’ that had been made up for them. Bridesmaids were informed that they were Bridesmaids! Dill, Anne Marie and Pheonix came down the third level of stairs with their newly formed wedding party an emotional “Flower Duet, by Lakme” played by the String Quartet. AMAZING!


The ceremony was to the point, real and emotional, very emotional. The love that was around the room was almost tangible and the words spoken from Dil to Anne-Marie and Anne Marie to Dil were straight from the bottom of their hearts. I felt so honored to be a part of such a special day for them both as well as their loved ones and most of all I couldn’t help but think how far Irish culture has come! A year ago this day would not have been possible and now two women who have fought for the right to equality get to be married. Yes!

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Bed Full of Roses

When little Darcy was born late last year I couldn’t wait to go over and take some photos of her. She is such a chilled out baby!! I wanted to create a little mood to the photos with some lovely fresh roses to compliment her beautiful skin and add a bit of girliness to the shoot in a fresh way. Delighted how the photos turned out and really feel that this can be a start of an ongoing series with flowers and babies. Thank you Linda and Colin for always giving me free reign on my portraits and your constant faith in my work. xxDarcy Roses BlogDarcy Roses Blog 2

Maternity and Newborn Competition Winner

Jenny Newell won my Newborn Competition that I ran a couple of months ago and I decided to include a maternity shoot for her as I think its such an important part for mum to remember. Both shoots were taken in their home in Malahide. Her partner Keith and her son Matthew took part in both shoots and everyone was very patient with me putting them into all sorts of poses. Their love for one another and baby Robyn really showed in the photos and I was delighted to be allowed to use them in my portfolio. Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to meet you all. xxJenny Maternity 1 Jenny Maternity 2 Jenny Maternity 3 Jenny Maternity 4 Jenny Maternity 5

Ida and Lucas Maternity Shoot

I was so happy when Ida asked me if I would do the ‘Mum to be’s Final Journey Package’ for her. I have known Lucas and Ida for a couple of years and think they are one of those couple that have really found ‘The One’. They are friendly, fun, creative people so I knew this was going to be a great shoot. Ida and I worked together to achieve the looks that she wanted and she also let me work away with my creativity. the shots were taken in their beautiful new home in Trim and then we set off to the woods to get the outdoor shots. These photos just go to show, you do not need a fancy studio to create good shots, just a bit of imagination. They very kindly let me use some of the intimate and beautiful shots taken from the day. Really looking forward to the arrival of the little one and can’t wait for the second phase (Newborn) of the Package.

Six weeks after lovely little Noa was born we set out to shoot the second phase of my ‘Mum’s to be Final Journey’ Package. The shoot was set in their beautiful home in Trim. Lucas and Ida worked tirelessly with me to create all the scenes we both wanted and Noa bless her little soul put up with four hours of modelling work. The hard work payed off and the photos that were achieved we exactly what I had envisioned. Such a pleasure to see all the ideas be brought to life and have a happy couple with memories to cherish forever.

Thank you Ida and Lucas and Noa amazing shoots!

“Dena, we are just looking at the picture there now. They are amazing, loving every single one of them! It’s gonna be so hard to chose some pics.
Thanks again for the wonderful pictures.” Ida J.Bird

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Emily Soto London Workshop

When I found out that Fashion Photographer Emily Soto
was hosting a workshop in London, I snapped up the chance to go. She had held a workshop in Dublin the previous year and I was unable to go, so this was the last chance for a while.

Emily Soto is a bit of an inspiration to me as she started out her photography career later on in her life and moved away from a totally different vocation with just love that she had for Art, Fashion and Photography the sheer determination to succeed in a world that she knew nothing about expect for the fact that she was meant to be in it!

Together with her husband, they set out to take the Fashion World by storm, of recent work, creating a subtle, painterly and classic style of Photography emanating old Baroque Artists such as as Johannes Vermeer. (My view anyway)

The first day of the Workshop was held in the beautiful Capel Manor Gardens in Hertfordshire just outside of London. Couldn’t have ask for such interesting surroundings. the second day was spend learning from Emily in the boardroom.

We had the very patient and beautiful models Abigail (Red hair) at La Moda Models @abigailtaralilly1 @lamodamodels and Dylan at M&P @d__glover (blond). Amazing girls! Really discovered a new found respect for how hard the art of modelling actually is.

Incredible Stylist Yanina Nikitina @yanina_nikitina, creative hair by Andy Dowall @andyhair68 and beautiful makeup by Emily Rebekah @emilyrebekahphotographer.

Desinger’s Ivanka Hristova @hristova_i, Sonia Funnell @sonialfashion, Vilune Daunoraite @vilu_dau and Chantal Mallett  @chantalmallett brought the most magnificent pieces for the models to wear.

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web soto 2 Chantal Mallett instagram: @chantalmallett

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Chantal Mallett instagram: @chantalmallett

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Ivanka Hristova instagram: @hristova_i

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Sonia Funnell instagram: @sonialfashion

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Ivanka Hristova instagram: @hristova_i

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Vilune Daunoraite instagram: @vilu_dau

Inspiring feels like such as small word to describe how I came away feeling from the whole event. Amateurs and professionals alike, if this chance comes along again, take it!

ISPCC Childline Charity Chroi Yoga Event

When Christina Breen had asked me to help her document a Charity Chroi  Yoga Family Event she was running I jumped at the chance. Not only was it a great way to be a part of a good cause but I was intrigued to see what Chroi Yoga was all about. To be honest I naively thought that only adults did Yoga, which is a bit silly now that I think about it but there you go! Now we were talking about bringing babies, young children and adults all to do Yoga together.. I was very curious.

Christina’s Chroi Yoga Family Event was in aid of ISPCC Childline and held in the beautiful Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin. They had kindly let Christina use their space specifically for the event. What a hidden Gem this is!!  I actually struggled to find it going there and realised, once found it, I had  walked past this old Church (Oldest Shakespearian  Theatres in Ireland) a million times and hadn’t event thought what beauty was inside. The area that was used for the Chroi Yoga Family Event was a massive room surrounded by beautiful stained glass windows creating a superb warm light. STUNNING! So calm and relaxing, a perfect setting for a Yoga session..

As the families started to arrive a little buzz filled the room. Christina settled everyone down to a calm relaxed mood and began a wonderful journey that both parent and child enjoyed in different respects and at the same time nurtured the close bond that they have for one another. It was relaxing, fun, sensitive and full of love and I can only hope that my photographs give it justice as Christina really is one of those lucky people in the world that has found her calling.

Christina Breen Yoga Teacher & Child Educator.
A Yoga Teacher that holds many qualifications in yoga , but specializes in Yoga for Children, Families & Teens especially. Her classes are both private & public, in schools & yoga studio’s.
Christina also holds an extensive experience & qualification in education with young people here in Ireland & California. Check her website for more details.

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Rebecca and Savannah Kelly

Savannah and Rebecca had won my Toddlers Portrait Competition and although she was thrilled, Rebecca had her heart set on a beautiful day where we could work in St Annes Park and get the most out of the natural light and colours as we could. So, after many, rainy day postponing the day had finally arrived. Both Mum and daughter looked beautiful and Savannah was great to work with. One big learning curve though, stay well away from the playground if you want a shoot to carry on longer! Thankfully we had got most of the shots we wanted and left Savannah to play away. Really happy you like the photos girls, was great to meet you both. xx

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