Bed Full of Roses

When little Darcy was born late last year I couldn’t wait to go over and take some photos of her. She is such a chilled out baby!! I wanted to create a little mood to the photos with some lovely fresh roses to compliment her beautiful skin and add a bit of girliness to the shoot in a fresh way. Delighted how the photos turned out and really feel that this can be a start of an ongoing series with flowers and babies. Thank you Linda and Colin for always giving me free reign on my portraits and your constant faith in my work. xxDarcy Roses BlogDarcy Roses Blog 2

Ida and Lucas Maternity Shoot

I was so happy when Ida asked me if I would do the ‘Mum to be’s Final Journey Package’ for her. I have known Lucas and Ida for a couple of years and think they are one of those couple that have really found ‘The One’. They are friendly, fun, creative people so I knew this was going to be a great shoot. Ida and I worked together to achieve the looks that she wanted and she also let me work away with my creativity. the shots were taken in their beautiful new home in Trim and then we set off to the woods to get the outdoor shots. These photos just go to show, you do not need a fancy studio to create good shots, just a bit of imagination. They very kindly let me use some of the intimate and beautiful shots taken from the day. Really looking forward to the arrival of the little one and can’t wait for the second phase (Newborn) of the Package.

Six weeks after lovely little Noa was born we set out to shoot the second phase of my ‘Mum’s to be Final Journey’ Package. The shoot was set in their beautiful home in Trim. Lucas and Ida worked tirelessly with me to create all the scenes we both wanted and Noa bless her little soul put up with four hours of modelling work. The hard work payed off and the photos that were achieved we exactly what I had envisioned. Such a pleasure to see all the ideas be brought to life and have a happy couple with memories to cherish forever.

Thank you Ida and Lucas and Noa amazing shoots!

“Dena, we are just looking at the picture there now. They are amazing, loving every single one of them! It’s gonna be so hard to chose some pics.
Thanks again for the wonderful pictures.” Ida J.Bird

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Day at the beach with The Green Family

blog 1Mairead and Micheal are another family that have been with me since the start of my photography venture in Ireland. I first photographed little Lauren when she was just seven months old and she was the cutest little girl. She loved the camera which made my work so easy. I then was asked to photograph her 1st birthday party which was a great day and helped alleviate the stress of taking photos on a very busy day for them. Now, nearly two years later they have a new little edition to their family, Conor, who is just as adorable as his 6

Taking advantage of the summer we set off to Balbriggan Beach for the family shoot. The day was cloudy but as a photographer I cannot stress how much a few clouds help to create great shots. Lauren just ran around the beach having fun and we all ran after her getting soaked in the process. Lesson learned when doing a beach shoot, don’t wear shoes and bring a change of clothes! The photos were natural and full of emotion, I am so happy with them.

This blog is a huge tribute to Mairead and Micheal who I don’t see just as clients but as friends. I look forward to working with you for the years to come. You guys are are so lovely. xxx


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Linda, Colin and Senan

When I decided to get back to my Art in Photography at the end of 2013, I approached my friends Linda and Colin who had just had their first child, Senan. They were really warm and happy to have me take their portraits to build my portfolio.

Starting back in photography after leaving it alone for a couple of years is very daunting and if it wasn’t for these guys as well as a couple of other families, (you know who you are) I wouldn’t be working as happily and as hard as I am to do the thing I love most in the world. Naturally I was a bit rusty but they were happy with the photographs and gave me honest positive feedback which helped me grow as an artist. Ever since then Linda and Colin have supported me and recommended me to so many people.

Nearly two years on I have watched little Senan grow into a beautiful young boy, full of character and charm. This time we chose the beautiful Royal Hospital Kilmainham¬†and made the most of the summers’ day that we had. It turned out to be a perfect location for Senan to run freely all over the place and capture him at his most natural.

He has filled their lives with love and happiness. Its just so wonderful to be able to take such special moments over the years and represent them for the family to cherish forever.

Thank you Linda, Colin and Senan xxxx


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