To Times Past and New Beginnings

When I found out my friend was going to have a baby, I was truthfully shocked.

Emm, sorry Pet??

You are having a baby??

We surely cannot be old enough to start having babies can we? Well, yes Dena, we are certainly old enough, wise enough, and totally capable of having babies.

This whole thought process happened within seconds of my friend telling me over the phone that this was all happening so I had to pull myself out of my inner monologue, realize that in fact, I was 31 and not 21 and sincerely congratulate him.

This little baby was to be the first of the next generation of our extremely close group of friends. Of course, people have babies all the time, family members have babies and we just go with it but when our close friend’s have a baby its different. Where has the time gone? When did we all grow up? It really feels like yesterday we were all ringing in sick because we were still at WAX on Fitzwilliam Street wishing the night would never end. And now, 10 years on we have all moulded into successful ambitious people who are on the journey to the next big stage in our lives, Parenthood.

Now, I must admit, photographing babies for over two years now has certainly brought out a little broodiness in me but not quite enough to actually want to have a baby.

Upon hearing the good news, I naturally jumped at the chance to shoot this new little person that was going to be my friends child and offered it as a gift as soon as I could. It would be an honor of course. What I wasn’t prepared for was the stirring of emotions that I felt when I saw all three of them together.

I was in awe with the pure, unconditional love that I saw before me. This is what they are all going on about!

Seeing my friend, his partner and their little baby was like meeting them for the first time. They were so natural and relaxed. Nothing in the world mattered to them except the little girl that they were cradling in their arms. I was incredibly proud and happy for how far my friend has come in his life and excited for him in this exciting new chapter that has just begun for them.

I left the shoot and for the first time I really felt that I could and wanted to be a parent. Not now, no there are a few bits to do first, but soon.

Who knew?!?! xNewborn photography, newborn photographer dublin, family photography, family photographer dublin

Happy Mothers Day

“There is no greater heaven the heart of a loving mother”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Your cups of tea and soft and words never cease their absolute power of making me feel great again..

To have you proud of me if what I strive for..

My happiness means the world to you..and now yours means the world to me!

Although 80% of the time, I do not listen, you are ALWAYS right..

You are The best Human in this world to me and I have had the most wonderful life being your child..

I Love you MUM xx

Food to Avoid!

I was so excited to shoot with Rebecca and her new baby boy! We had planned everything so perfectly timing wise. Jude was just a couple of days old when I came over to Rebecca’s house for the shoot so, in theory, this was going to be too easy. Newborn, sleepy baby, happy days! So we were both really confused when Jude just wouldn’t settle! We just put it down to him having a bad day and arrange to do a re-shoot which went unbelievably well. It turned out that Rebecca was drinking orange juice every morning and Jude really didn’t like orange juice! haha. The other day I was doing an online Newborn Course with Ana Brandt and through all the useful tips she gave, she mentioned that there are some foods that really do not go down well with baby! Amazing! What a revelation, not only for me but for New Mums who just can’t understand why baby is crying.

Have a little read of her article, I would suggest when you are planning a baby shoot try to stick to the list two days before. Just generally though, this might be a bible for you!

Foods To Avoid

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Hey Jude…

Rebecca Keens is a woman who knows what she wants! From the minute we started speaking after she had chosen me to shoot a Maternity and Newborn Photography Session with her, we both clicked instantly with loads of ideas and different styles, to come up with a variation of shots that she and I were both happy with. So beautiful, it wasn’t hard to get great shots of her. When little Jude came, even though only a few days old old our big plans didn’t quite work out the first time but Rebecca was determined and we agreed to go for another shoot. I’m so happy we did! I love the work we both created together and I say that because it true, Rebecca was up for any idea I threw at her and I was willing to help her create the shots she wanted. Rebecca, Brian and Jude, it was such a pleasure!

Dena Shearer Photography

Dena Shearer Photography


Dena Shearer Photography


Dena Shearer Photography

Flower Power 70’s inspired Pregnancy Shoot

If you haven’t been to Mount Usher Gardens in Wiclow..Go!I came across it researching for places to go for Aoife and Glens shoot and I am so glad I did, what a hidden Gem. Aside from its astounding beauty its so peaceful and you feel as is you have really escaped the rat race of everyday life. I knew that it would work so well for the theme that we wanted and although we had to postpone the first time due to bad weather, it was worth the wait because the day we had was incredible. Having know Aoife and Glen for quite some time now and watched their lovely relationship grow I was so happy to photograph them before they start this wonderful new chapter in their lives. Aoife you look so beautiful and you the love between you two really shows. Thank you for such a great day and letting me share such beautiful photos that I hope will be cherish for a long time.

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Revisiting Clients in London, The Doherty’s

Two years ago my cousin Kirstie asked me to go over to London and do a family portrait for her. It was great, we had loads of fun in the garden as we were blessed with a beautiful day and Caitlin was just so good! So I was very excited to go back to meet their new arrival, Charlotte and do some family/newborn shots. Tea, coffee, cake and more cake later we managed to get a good variety with all involved. Thank you guys for thinking of me again and I am so happy you love the pics. Its so great to be a part of a family growing up! xx

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Tribute to Girl Power xxxx

Anyone who knows my beautiful sister, Debbie and her adorable daughter, Hannah knows that this past year hasn’t exactly dealt them the best hand.. I have been meaning to do a portrait session for sometime now but I’m glad, that a year on, much stronger, happier and more beautiful than ever, I waited. These two young ladies are testament to how love can help us move from the most painful of situations we will ever experience. Their love for one another is eminent in their everyday lives and of course will be in their portraits. Debbie, you are SUPERMOM and Hannah, you are just the cutest little thing who is growing up SO FAST!

Aside from being my family and I love you unconditionally.. I have so much respect for you and will always be in awe of your strength. Go girl power! Women rock!!! xxxx

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Dil and Anne-Marie’s Surprise Wedding

Web Collage 1One way to create the wedding that only the two of you want…Surprise all of your guests, including your family! That’s exactly what Dil and Anne-Marie decided to do.


Having been engaged for a while and concerned about the stresses that an wedding can bring upon all involved, they decided to throw all the traditions out the window and surprise their nearest and dearest with the best day of their lives.


Having all come the their beautiful son Phoenixes’ Baby Naming Ceremony, the guests thought they were coming back to the house for a few nibbles and drinks to commemorate the special occasion. Unbeknownst to them, there had been much preparation going on, from chefs creating delicious canapés and main dishes, to a complete revamp of the 2nd level of the house into a ‘Little Chapel’, secret Gospel Choir running up the stairs to commence the special occasion.


Guests were entertained downstairs, with a String Quartet, bubbles, Canapés and some great comedic action by their good friend Steve Cummins whilst the finishing touches we being made. At this point Anne-Maries’ parents were informed if the events to follow (tear jerker moment!)


Guests were then ushered upstairs to discover the beautiful little ‘Wedding Chapel’ that had been made up for them. Bridesmaids were informed that they were Bridesmaids! Dill, Anne Marie and Pheonix came down the third level of stairs with their newly formed wedding party an emotional “Flower Duet, by Lakme” played by the String Quartet. AMAZING!


The ceremony was to the point, real and emotional, very emotional. The love that was around the room was almost tangible and the words spoken from Dil to Anne-Marie and Anne Marie to Dil were straight from the bottom of their hearts. I felt so honored to be a part of such a special day for them both as well as their loved ones and most of all I couldn’t help but think how far Irish culture has come! A year ago this day would not have been possible and now two women who have fought for the right to equality get to be married. Yes!

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Bed Full of Roses

When little Darcy was born late last year I couldn’t wait to go over and take some photos of her. She is such a chilled out baby!! I wanted to create a little mood to the photos with some lovely fresh roses to compliment her beautiful skin and add a bit of girliness to the shoot in a fresh way. Delighted how the photos turned out and really feel that this can be a start of an ongoing series with flowers and babies. Thank you Linda and Colin for always giving me free reign on my portraits and your constant faith in my work. xxDarcy Roses BlogDarcy Roses Blog 2

Ida and Lucas Maternity Shoot

I was so happy when Ida asked me if I would do the ‘Mum to be’s Final Journey Package’ for her. I have known Lucas and Ida for a couple of years and think they are one of those couple that have really found ‘The One’. They are friendly, fun, creative people so I knew this was going to be a great shoot. Ida and I worked together to achieve the looks that she wanted and she also let me work away with my creativity. the shots were taken in their beautiful new home in Trim and then we set off to the woods to get the outdoor shots. These photos just go to show, you do not need a fancy studio to create good shots, just a bit of imagination. They very kindly let me use some of the intimate and beautiful shots taken from the day. Really looking forward to the arrival of the little one and can’t wait for the second phase (Newborn) of the Package.

Six weeks after lovely little Noa was born we set out to shoot the second phase of my ‘Mum’s to be Final Journey’ Package. The shoot was set in their beautiful home in Trim. Lucas and Ida worked tirelessly with me to create all the scenes we both wanted and Noa bless her little soul put up with four hours of modelling work. The hard work payed off and the photos that were achieved we exactly what I had envisioned. Such a pleasure to see all the ideas be brought to life and have a happy couple with memories to cherish forever.

Thank you Ida and Lucas and Noa amazing shoots!

“Dena, we are just looking at the picture there now. They are amazing, loving every single one of them! It’s gonna be so hard to chose some pics.
Thanks again for the wonderful pictures.” Ida J.Bird

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